My work continues the dialogue begun by the Abstract Expressionists. My gestural paintings add life to a room and reflect my strong passion and instinct for color, and the way it elevates the human spirit. Beneath the surface of my paintings there are echos from my ancestral line.

I was raised in Montreal in a home where art was the family religion. My father was Iraqi, my mother Persian. We were part of a community of immigrants who could never return home, yet recreated aspects of the homeland in exile. My mother awakened in me a love of artists, theater, and the history of art. I performed in theater, playing roles of heroic women, both historic and mythological. My educational path began with a BA in art history and film, followed by an MA in literature and courses in 2-D design. 

Starting in my mid-twenties, I devoted myself to yoga, meditation and chanting, exploring the nature of consciousness. I was nearly content. Fast forward a few years when seemingly out of nowhere, a ferocious drive to paint overtook me. Soon I discovered that the art studio was the only place I wanted to be. Most days you will find me there. When I am painting, I know that I have come home.